Glutenfree Oat and Buckwheat Buns

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I'm sorry for not being active for a couple of months, i haven't had time for upload anything besides on instagram becouse of school and work, but i will have my summerbrake soon :)
Anyway, I have made this recipe before, but as i said I haven't had any time for uploading it so here it comes! 
I can't take credit for it, becouse it's from the swedish book "nytt bröd, baka gott utan gluten".
( för er svenska läsare, boken innehåller jättemånga bra recept som går att exprementera med, rekommenderar den verkligen (har själv dock bara ett utklipp från den men kommer att köpa den snart, hehe))
The original recipe only contains buckwheat flour, but i wanted to do something different so I took some oat flour to (didn't have enought buckwheat flour either so...). 
The bread buns are free from:
  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Egg
  • And they are Totaly vegan!
They tastes amazing and are perfekt with cheese, egg or maybe hummus.
60 g Sunflowerkernels (or other kernels)
20 g Fresh yeast
770 g cold water
25  g Psylliumseed shells
130 g buckwheat flour 
130  g gluenfree oatflor (or other flour like rice or quinoa)
1 tsp salt
whisk sunflowerkernels, water and yest in a bowl. add the psylliumhusk shells and whisk again. add the rest of the ingredienses and whisk a third time, it will be like liquid and will thicken.
Place some plastic over the bowl and rest for two hours.
with two spoons, make 10-12 buns on two baking sheets and place some plastic over them. let rest for 30 minutes. set the oven on 200 C hot air (varmluft) and remove the plastic from the plates and place them in the oven for about 25 minutes. TAKE THEM OUT AND DONT TOUCH THEM UNTIL ABOUT 12 HOURS!!!! 


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Publicerad 2014-07-13 19:43:44

Måste testas!:)

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